Friday, February 27, 2015

CRYwalk 2015 – Record participation


February the 6th – a brilliant morning and an equally brilliant record. In its 4th annual occurrence, there was a record number – a total of 96 children, who participated in the CRYwalk 2015.  Organized by FOCC (Friends of CRY Club, Kuwait), the first CRYwalk was held in 2012 when a mere 3 participants showed up. By 2014, the participation had already grown to 59 children in Mahboula area. This year’s Part-1 episode at Salmiya attracted 96 children, up from 43 last year. Children from nearby Salwa made it – which was not so surprising. What surprised was the presence of children residing in Shuhada and far-off Abbasiya area. After the huge showing at Mahboula, FOCC volunteers were hoping for an even greater surprise, and we were not at all disappointed. Great show, dear "Star Walkers". Among the children who participated, there were many who were under 6 years of age, but interestingly 4 children under 3 years walked as well. The most thrilling entries although, were two small girls at 20 and 18 months of age, walking by themselves, with their mothers tailing behind – beautiful sight. The total collective distance walked by all was 403 km, at an average of 4.2 km per child. We thank them all from the bottom of our hearts and hope that CRYwalk will keep growing in the year to come. FOCC organizes 3 annual events for children – CRYcket for children under 14 years, CRYchess and CRYwalk for children of upto high-school age. Our next event, the CRYcket is scheduled on Fri, Apr the 10th. We will be releasing our annual Souvenir as well. Sponsors may take this opportunity to advertise their products as well as support a noble cause simultaneously. Our website .


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